Job TitleDepartmentLocation
Account ManagerSHADORoncade (TV), Italy
Advertising Consultant(none)Milano, Lombardia, Italy
Advertising ConsultantDigital MarketingRoncade, Veneto, Italy
Analytics ExpertDigital MarketingMilano, Lombardia, Italy
Backend developerITRemote
Backend Developer (H-FARM Enabling Solutions)(none)Italy
Business Development Manager - EducationH-FARM EducationRoncade, Veneto, Italy
Call for Language Teachers(none)Roncade, Veneto, Italy
Categoria Protetta - l.68/99 (H-FARM Enabling Solutions)H-FARM Enabling SolutionsRoncade, Treviso, Italy
Computer Science Teacher (Secondary School)(none)Roncade, Veneto, Italy
Content StrategistShadoRoncade (tv), Italy
Cover Teachers (Elementary and Middle schools)(none)Roncade, Veneto, Italy
Cover Teachers (Elementary and Middle schools)(none)Vicenza, veneto, Italy
CRO & Analytics - StageDigital MarketingMilano, Lombardia, Italy
CRO & Analytics Junior ConsultantH-FARMMilano, Lombardia, Italy
Data Visualization - InternshipDigital MarketingMilano, Lombardia, Italy
Developer Internship(none)Ca' Tron (TV), Treviso, Italy
Developer Junior - FANDOM PLATFORMSHADOCà Tron (Tv), Italy
DevOps/Developer (H-FARM Enabling Solutions)H-FARM Enabling SolutionsRoncade, Treviso, Italy
Digital Analytics - Junior ConsultantDigital MarketingMilano, Lombardia, Italy
Digital Analytics StageDigital MarketingMilano, Lombardia, Italy
Digital EducatorEducationRoncade (TV), Veneto, Italy
Digital Marketing StrategistDigital MarketingMilano, Lombardia, Italy
Digital StrategistShadoRoncade (tv), Italy
Docente FULLSTACK (BIGROCK)Big RockRoncade, Veneto, Italy
Early Years Assistant(none)Vicenza, Italy
Early Years Assistant and Music Teacher(none)Vicenza, Italy
Early Years/Kindergarten Assistant(none)RONCADE, TREVISO, Italy
Ecommerce Technical Project manager (H-FARM Enabling Solutions)(none)Remote
Educatore boarding (Summer Camp)(none)Roncade, Italy
Event specialist - InternCorporateRoncade, Veneto, Italy
Front Desk Receptionist - StageH-FARM EducationRoncade, Veneto, Italy
Frontend Developer (H-FARM Enabling Solutions)H-FARM Enabling SolutionsRoncade, Veneto, Italy
Frontend Developer Junior / Stage (H-FARM Enabling Solutions)H-FARM Enabling SolutionsItaly
Full Stack Developer (SHADO)SHADOCà Tron (Tv), Italy
Graphic Designer - StageCorporate CommunicationsRoncade, Treviso, Italy
Head of Pedagogical Department(none)Roncade, Veneto, Italy
Hospitality Specialist - Stage(none)Roncade (TV), Italy
HR GeneralistHRRoncade, Veneto, Italy
HR GENERALIST - Categoria Protetta - L.68/99HRRoncade, Veneto, Italy
Impiegato amministrativo - Tempo DeterminatoCorporateRoncade, Treviso, Italy
Insegnante di Design Technology (Scuola Media)(none)Rosà, Veneto, Italy
Insegnante di Inglese (Scuole Medie)(none)Rosà, Veneto, Italy
Insegnante di Matematica (Scuole Medie)(none)Rosà, Veneto, Italy
Insegnante di Scuola Primaria(none)Rosà, Veneto, Italy
IT Junior Systems Administrator - StageITRoncade, Veneto, Italy
IT Project ManagerITRoncade, Veneto, Italy
Java Developer (H-FARM Enabling Solutions)(none)Roncade, Veneto, Italy
Jr Backend Developer (H-FARM Enabling Solutions)H-FARM Enabling SolutionsRoncade, Treviso, Italy
Junior Analyst - Stage(none)Milano, Lombardia, Italy
Junior Data ScientistDigital MarketingMilano, Lombardia, Italy
Junior DeveloperITMilano, Lombardia, Italy
Junior Digital Marketing Consultant - StageDigital MarketingMilano, Lombardia, Italy
Junior Project ManagerITRoncade (TV), Italy
Junior UX/UI DesignerH-FARM InnovationItaly
Junior Web Developer - Categorie ProtetteH-FARM InnovationRoncade, Milano, Torino, Italy
Marketing Automation SpecialistDigital MarketingMilano, Lombardia, Italy
Marketing Insight Analyst ConsultantDigital MarketingMilano, Lombardia, Italy
Maths Teacher(none)RONCADE, TREVISO, Italy
Maths Teacher(none)VICENZA, Italy
MYP Coordinated Sciences and DP Biology Teacher(none)Roncade, Veneto, Italy
MYP/DP Maths Teacher(none)Roncade, Veneto, Italy
React Native Developer (H-FARM Enabling Solutions)(none)Italy
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer (H-FARM Enabling Solutions)H-FARM Enabling SolutionsRoncade, Treviso, Italy
Salesforce Developer (H-FARM Enabling Solutions)H-FARM Enabling SolutionsItaly
Salesforce Developer Junior / Stage (H-FARM Enabling Solutions)(none)Italy
Salesforce Marketing Consultant (H-FARM Enabling Solutions)(none)Roncade (TV), Italy
School Office Secretary(none)Roncade, Veneto, Italy
Senior Business DesignerH-FARM InnovationItaly
Senior CRO & Analytics specialistDigital MarketingMilano, Italy
Senior Data EngineerDigital MarketingMilano, Lombardia, Italy
Senior Performance Marketing Manager (H-FARM Digital Marketing)Digital MarketingMilan, Lombardia, Italy
Social Media ManagerCorporateRoncade, Veneto, Italy
Special Educational Need (SEN) Teacher/Specialist(none)RONCADE, TREVISO, Italy
Sport EducatorEducationRoncade (TV), Veneto, Italy
Talent Acquisition Expert - JuniorH-FARM InnovationItaly
UX & UI DesignerSHADOCà Tron (Tv), Italy
Video Post Production ExpertH-FARM InnovationItaly
Visual Storytelling - Stage(none)Roncade, Italy
Web DeveloperH-FARM InnovationItaly